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State of Panic (Pokémon) - I've been re-writing this story recently, so I've removed the old version for now. As such, no link yet, sorry! The link on the story's title will take you to the map of my fan-made Neter region on DeviantArt. That's where the story takes place. Don't worry, there aren't any Fakemon in there... anymore... Anyway, this is going to be a great fic in my opinion (Well, duh), so stay tuned for when I start writing it again!


Buster's Adventures
- An ongoing story about my "Fursona", Buster The Fox. The story follows Buster as he slowly re-enters society after having lived in the woods for two years. He goes on multiple misadventures with Rocky as he tries to get used to living the civilized life again and hide his power to control water and ice from the general public. There are also a few dramatic moments and a lot of lashing out against the way society works, which I never planned on including. xD Oh, well. I try to be subtle about it though, I'm not, like, directly insulting any particular group of people or anything. :p

Terra the Ghost Girl - Israel Shields was so lonely when he was homeschooled that he created an imaginary girlfriend for himself. Now that he's started public school and has some real friends, he's erased her from his mind. However, it turns out his "imaginary" girlfriend was actually a ghost that haunted his home. Now, she haunts him in an attempt to win over his affections for real. Meanwhile, Israel wants nothing to do with her.