LINKS (Where I shamelessly advertise my own sites and direct people to others)

My sites:

Buster's YouTube Channel - I know I'm advertising this everywhere, but I'm just so proud of my little Buster for accomplishing so MUCH!

Puzzle League Heaven - My Puzzle League/Tetris Attack/Panel de Pon fan site! We're based upon the desire to provide in-depth information about the series to fans. Sadly, thanks to recent difficulties and the limitations of having a free Webs account, we don't exactly have that the way we want it. However, we DO have screenshots and box art for all of the games, as well as videos showing gameplay, plenty of downloads, a forum, and much more! And, although there aren't many good ways to check up on this, you can count on me to post any Puzzle League news that breaks!

The Creator's Stage - A forum for people who make games and simulations using the program Stagecast Creator. I started it up to that people would have an easy place to share the games they made. It has a few members, but interest has dwindled lately, and my recent attempt to revive it didn't help too much. But, I still check it often, and you can even get an evaluation version of Stagecast there, so if you've ever wanted to make your own game, here's a great chance to start learning the basics!

The Fantasy Café
- My forum where I post stuff related to games that I make; it's basically the official site for Underdog Creations, the name of my indie game studio! Well, I call it an indie game studio, and technically it is, but I make my games primarily with Stagecast Creator and offer all of my games for free. I try to be really open with what I'm up to with my latest projects, and I have some really interesting stuff in the works (at least, as far as Stagecast goes, and considering it's all being made by just me)! I encourage you to check this out more than any of my other sites listed here!

Underdog Arcade - A sister site to the Fantasy Café, you can play Stagecast games that I made here online within a web applet (meaning you don't have to install Stagecast to play them). All it requires is an installation of Java! I also have a few "Buster's Choice" flash games here; they're all flash games that I enjoy playing, basically. x3
Anyway, if you've ever been curious about my games but didn't want to install Stagecast for whatever reason (IT'S NOT A FRIGGIN' VIRUS!!), you can play them here instead. I add new games periodically.

Underdog Creations DB - The Underdog Database is a wiki that holds information on all things related to Underdog Creations! You can find behind-the-scenes info here, like cheats and strategies for my games. You can also read up on a game or series' history and look at screenshots. And if you know a thing or two about Underdog Creations games, you're free to contribute to it!

Recommended Sites:

osu! - An online rhythm game that I'm really good at. I like it so much that I bought a jacket with the logo on it, even though it's an obscure thing and everyone thinks it's supposed to be an Ohio/Oklahoma State University jacket. >_> For your information, "osu" is pronounced "Ohss", with a silent "u". It's a Japanese word that basically means "support", but in the way a cheerleader might say "Go!". Anyway, osu! (Note the proper grammar, no capitalization and exclamation mark) is based off of the Nintendo DS rhythm game "Osu! Tatakae! Ouendan!", it's sequel, and the American version of the title, Elite Beat Agents. In it, you have to click on cirlces, drag on sliders and spin spinners, all in time to the beat of a song. There are literally thousands of user-made beatmaps (songs, basically), so you'll never run out of new music. Although you won't find a whole lot of, eh, English-speaking music? There's some Paramore, some Skillet, Meg and Dia, but hardly anything compared to the sheer amount of Japanese music you'll find on there. I've come across a bunch of anime series thanks to me finding one of their opening/closing themes on osu!. Anyway, go there. NOW. It's seriosuly an awesome game!

Mother 4: The fan game - I've talked about the Mother series before on the About Me page, so you may already know that I'm a huge fan of the series. At the same time, though, the series' creator, Shigesato Itoi, has made it plain and clear that he will not be making another game. So a group of dedicated fans have taken it upon themselves to create Mother 4. They're giving it top-notch quality and attention to detail. It took them years to finally finish the story. They have many, many talented team members working on the project. And don't think this is just some game anyone can whip up in Game Maker or RPG Maker; they're building this game from the ground up with raw programming. On top of that, they periodically update on their blog, which is what I'm linking you to. If you have a particular interest in this whole thing, you should follow one of the game's two musicians, Shane Mesa (also known as "Stitch") on Twitter. He posts regular updates on the game's progress and even leaks out some of his tunes on Soundcloud! If you like RPGs in general, check this out! (I'll update this link in August, which is when they say they're releasing a new pre-release website that will have some cool stuff like screenshots and actual gameplay footage!)

Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Defenders of Warmth (Fan fiction) - I hardly ever read fan fiction, and for a good reason. It usually sucks. But Arrowfoot, author of this particular Pokémon fic and my personal (internet) freind, has outdone herself making an original, heartrending story worthy of an official game. Lots of totally unexpected and exciting plot twists and tons of drama; not to mention the battle scenes get more and more awesome as the story progresses! Even if you don't like fan fiction, you OWE it to yourself to check this one out! And seriously, although I said she was my freind, she didn't put me up to this or anything. I really enjoyed reading it!

Advance Wars Net - Like my own Puzzle League Heaven, these guys are also fans of an Intelligent Systems series that doesn't get the love it deserves. Their site is almost as dead as my own; if you enjoy Advance Wars, head on over! If not, the gameplay is similar to Fire Emblem, and, to a lesser extent, Final Fantasy Tactics. If you enjoy either one of those, Advance Wars just might be for you! - One of the best Pokémon fan sites around. They always have a post up as soon as any Pokémon-related news breaks. On top of that, they have a fully-featured Pokédex, weekly articles on competitive battling strategies, and much, much more. It has what I'm looking for 99% of the time. The other 1% is covered by Glitch City Laboratories and Bulbapedia. xD What? I like my Red/Blue glitching...

Tetris - Another Fan site for Puzzle League/Tetris Attack/Panel de Pon. They focus more around the community aspect of the Puzzle League fandom. They host yearly Tetris Attack tourneys at the PAX conventions! They have a forum that is plagued by inactivity and spambots, much the same as mine (minus the spambots, fortunately). If you enjoy Tetris Attack, please leave a few posts at their site! (Mind you, we have a sort of synergy thing going on, but we're still totally separate entities. Joining here won't let you login at Puzzle League Heaven. Just FYI) They've been around a lot longer then my Puzzle League fan site, so if there's something you need that you can't find on PLH, try checking here! (NOTE: There hasn't been any activity here since July of 2013, and the forum there has gone down as well. They may be gone for a long time, but I hope somebody comes back soon...)

Earthbound Central - An Earthbound blog/fansite run by the same Tomato of Mother 3 Fan Translation fame. He always has the latest news regarding the Mother series, even if it's just a fan-made plushie or a silly animation that has Ness in it. They even did a really awesome live stream of Mother 2 when it was re-released on the Japanese Wii U Virtual Console! He bought a Japanese Wii U just to play it! This guy is more dedicated than he lets on. - Another Earthbound fansite more centered around being a database for fans rather than a super-current news blog. Of course, they also have a discussion forum where fans discuss these things, as well as many other interesting topics, such as fan-made hacks of the game!

Avast! Antivirus - Tell me, what anti-virus program do you have installed right now?


If you said anything other than Avast! (or nothing), you're missing out on the best free virus protection you can get. Why are you still paying for Norton!? Mind you, I'm not hired, endorsed or otherwise affiliated with Avast! besides me using thier product, so don't think this is some advertisment I was paid to write up. I'm not even that popular, so hardly anyone will ever see this. xD Think about it.

Anyway, Avast! is 100% free for personal use, and it gives you great protection without slowing down your computer. If you don't have an anti-virus program installed, I can't stress enough how important it is! If you hardly even use your computer, that makes it even better since this is a FREE program. No strings attached, unless you're a business.

That's about all I have for now! If I come across any more cool sites, I'll list them here! Please note that things like my Facebook, Twitter, deviantART and other usernames of mine are on the About Me page. This page is only for linking to sites that I feel most people wouldn't know about, so I'm trying to spread the word.