One of my favorite hobbies is making video games. I make them mainly with Stageasct Creator, but I've branched out to some other programs in the past (although I suck with all of them, so I mostly stick to Stagecast). Here you can find downloads, screenshots and descriptions of each of my titles, but I don't list EVERYTHING here. If you want to see what other games and simulations I have, check out Underdog Creations' official forum,

I host these using my Dropbox account so I don't have to worry about the limited storage space and bandwidth Webs offers. However, if you enjoy these downloads, it would be great if you could make a Dropbox account using my referral link. I get an extra 500 MB of space if you do, and you'll start out with an extra 500 MB, too! :D

(One requires an install of Stagecast Creator to run these games: DOWNLOAD THE EVALUATION VERSION!)
(Alternatively, you can play them online at the Underdog Arcade, providing you have Java installed!)

Krazzy Kartzz 2 (205 KB)

Genere: Racing

Players: One or Two

One of my most recently finished projects. The sequel to my old game Krazzy Kartzz where you and an AI racer would race three laps around the track. This sequel brings in a number of updates to that original concept.

Four game modes: Single Race, 2P Race, One-On-One and Spectate. The first one is obvious and is shown in the screenshot to the left; 2P race is the same thing, only one of the racers is a second player-controlled car. One-On-One is like 2P Race, only there are no AI racers and Spectate has nothing but AI racers.

There's a total of five tracks to race on plus a "Practice Lot" for you to brush up on your skills on. The goal is to cross the finish line three times before the other racers (complete three laps in first place, as it were). The winner of the race is displayed in a little window once someone finishes.

Aside from the game modes, you can learn how to play and read a short note from me in a separate window. There's also a little Easter Egg included in this game and those are always fun when you know how to get to them... ;) It should be on the Underdog Wiki someday when I'm rich and have plenty of time to work on these kinds of side-projects more. xD

Shoot Some Zombies (22 KB)

Genre: Survival, Arcade

Players: One

Forgive the lack of an actual gameplay screenshot, but the game itself is rather simple-looking. The Shop stage kinda represents it better, but that's not to say the game isn't fun!

Shoot Some Zombies is a frantic and fun Top-Down Shooting game that I made in maybe 30 minutes. The goal is to survive as long as possible while killing as many zombies as you possibly can.

When you start the game, zombies will come at you from all four corners of the screen. If they get next to you they will begin chowing down on you, depleting your health. And of course, if your health reaches zero, you die.

However, there's another catch; you have only a limited amount of ammunition. If you run out, obviously you can't shoot, which basically makes you a zombie feast. But fear not! Every zombie you kill gains you some cash, which you can then use at the store shown in the above screenshot to buy more ammo and restore your health (You can also check how many kills you have on this screen!).

I threw in one more thing on top of that, however; as you continue to play, the zombies get steadily faster and faster, making them harder to shoot and avoid. In exchange, however, the game gives you more cash per-kill at higher speed levels, evening out the playing field since you will be using more ammo and losing more health. But in the end, it all comes down to your speed and skill. And when the walking dead finally defeat you, save a screenshot of the Shop and send me your high scores! I got SO CLOSE to 1,000 kills...

Umbrage - Tale of Lost Souls (Demo Version) (404 KB)

Genre: Action RPG, Platformer

Players: One

Apologies again for the small screenshot, but you can veiw the full-size version by right-clicking the image and opening it in another tab.

Umbrage is a newer project of mine. It's an Action-RPG, meaning the game happens in real time, but retains elements from classic Role-Playing games like Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest. As you defeat enemies, you'll gain Experience Points and Gold. When you gain enough EXP, you'll grow a level and get more HP. As for the Gold, you can spend it on Potions that you can use on the field to restore your HP, let you shoot magic farther, take less damage, and more.

In Umbrage, you play as Riken, a young traveling magician. One day, Riken enters the castle town of Erno and finds it empty and abandoned. In the throne room there's an evil entity in place of a king, which casts Riken away. The Great Evil has banished all of Erno's citizens to the far reaches of the country, and it's up to Riken to save them and put an end to the Great Evil's reign!

As this game is incomplete, you'll only be able to play up to World 2 in this demo. However, the amount of content provided is, in my opinion, enough to satisfy a person who likes the game's concept. :3

Stick Adventure: Quest's Dawn (467 KB)

Genre: Arcade, Adventure, Platformer

Players: One

The game (or remake of it thereof) that started it all! This is a remake of the original Stick Adventure game, the very first game I ever created and the game that began the Stick Adventure series.

One day, Stick, a teenage boy, finds himself suddenly pursued by the National Guard. It seems that he has been linked with a number of serial killings, most of them high-ranking political types. However, just before the military reaches Stick's house, he recieves a note from the mysterious ninja, Yurimoto, warning him of the attack. Stick sets out to clear his name while avoiding the ever-persistant army-types.

The player takes on the role of Stick as they try to avoid military forces and battle against many a foe. The main portion of the game involves the player jumping over military units in order to move on, but later on the player aquires a sword which he/she can use to fight back.

It has some voice acting in it. It's worth playing if only for the story. My most recent game ties together plot points like no tomorrow!

Stick Adventure 2 (448 KB)

Genre: Adventure, Action

Players: One

The first sequel to the Stick Adventure series. It portrays a world more fantastical than the original game and focuses more around battles and survival than the original game.

After the events of the first game, Stick has taken to training daily with the sword his freind Yurimoto gave him. One day as he's training in the jungle, he meets with some mysterious creatures who do not hesitate to attack him. He meets with Yurimoto and the two set out to find the source of these vicious monsters.

In this game, players can take two courses of action: Throw the sword or attack with the sword. You can throw the sword as much as you want, though, and you can still attack after throwing it. Let's just say Stick has a LOT of swords, or maybe it's like the keyblade or something where he can summon it back to him at will. Anyway. The game involves fighting your way through waves of enemies as you make your way towards the source of the problem. Some enemies are immune to one attack but not the other, forcing you to either get close (putting you at risk from the enemies behind it) or stay far back (making it so that you have to defeat all of the enemies in front of it first). The catch is that if you get hit by an enemy EVEN ONCE, you die and it's game over. It can make for some frantic situations.

Like the first one before it and the third one even as I type this, I'm in the planning stages of remaking this game. Mainly in order to flesh out some more plot points, but also to give the game a more fair system. I have an idea for a completely different game system in mind that would make the whole thing flow so much better... Anyway, as I said, it's still mostly in the planning stage, so don't expect it for a while! :)

Stick Adventure 3: Stick RPG REMIX (Demo Version 2) (926 KB)

Genre: RPG, Turn-Based, Strategy

Players: One

About time I added this here! This is the latest version of my ambitious RPG project, a remake of Stick Adventure 3. By far the best example of a game I have to this day, at least programming-wise. To me, it's also the most fun!

This serves to replace the original (terrible) version of the game. It uses story elements and characters from 3, while also fusing in things from what were once "Stick Adventure 3.5" and "Stick Adventure 4". It honestly seems like a bit of a shame that I've had to go back this far, but that's what happens when you're a kid and you try to make video games. The first game in the series is already remade, and the second one is being remade too, so I have a chance to remedy the complete brokenness of the continual story and world the series has shown thus far. There's still at least one plot point I haven't quite figured out how to deal with, and that's the fact that there's magic and other fantasy-type stuff in this world, yet the first game was totally realistic and had the player running from the National Guard and everything... Luckily, I have the Stick Adventure 2 remake to fix that with, but it had better be a darned good excuse, huh? Lol.

Anyway! This is a turn-based RPG similar to Final Fantasy, Dragon Quest, Persona, Bravely Default, so on and so forth. It has a somewhat simple combat system, though it's not particularly so base that it's hard to come up with different strategies. Abilities include magic spells and unique techniques, like Speed Break, which lowers an enemy's speed while doing damage, for instance. If you take enough damage, you can use an ultimate desperation move, a Limit Break. Each character has a different Break with different effects, but they're always very useful.

Gameplay-wise, the game has Easy, Normal, a Hard Type modes, so if you're new to the game style, or just want to play for the story, you can. Or if you want a crazy challenge, you can play on Hard! I would recommend playing on NormalType on your first playthrough. I made sure everything was balanced at NormalType stats, so your stats are higher on Easy and lower than normal on Hard. You can also choose between different speed types. Once again, I recommend you start it at default, because that's the speed I made the animations to play in. Later on, you'll likely want Fast Speed. I don't recommend Faster Speed usually, unless you're trying to do a bunch of grinding quickly or something to that effect.

Stick Adventure 4: Release of Nightmare (Demo Version) (422 KB)

Genre: Action, Adventure, Fighting

Players: One or Two

The would-be Stick Adventure 4. It's a top-down action game in which players must defeat enemies roaming around on the stage.

The game features two game modes: Story and 2P Battle. In Story Mode, the player goes through the game in order to figure out why the "rar!" creatures have returned.

This game features many firsts for Underdog Creations. The part of the game that I like best is the two-player Co-op during the main game. As such, I also enjoy the 2P Battle Mode. My bro and I have had some good fights...

But in the end, the part that makes me wish I could continue this game is the game engine. The top-down free-roaming combat system can be more intense than it seems, especially when fighting the "Capital RAR!"s. Mainly due to this game's primitive text system bogging me down, things just got too cluttered and everything began getting tough to work with. However, the remake of Stick Adventure 3 is taking TONS of features and plot points from this game, so it's not completely lost. Also, I've been thinking of using this game system for a Stick Adventure 2 remake. If I do, then the spirit and essence of this game will have at least been preserved in a different medium, if not in it's original state (There's no way I'm making SA4 like this now, after all).

Anyway, this contains some spoilers for the remake of SA3 since it uses the same story elements, but it's not anything too huge. You get a glimpse of who has been behind everything up until now, though, which means this might be fun to play so you can get some special insight to SA3's story.

Game Maker

Brick Breaker (4.06 MB)

Genre: Arcade

Players: One

Yet another clone of the classic game where you bounce a ball off of a paddle in order to hit all of the on-screen blocks. Not much to it; the goal of this game is to destroy all of the blocks without losing all of your lives.

As I'm not very experienced with Game Maker, this game has only one level and the ball doesn't get faster as you play. But, I did manage to sneak a Power-Up in there. :D

There's not much else to say; I used Game Maker's included sprites and made you able to move the paddle around. I did put in some background music from Final Fantasy Tactics Advance, though. Unlike Stagecast, I'm able to use background music here.

Press F1 after starting the game for the controls.

Alien Maze (Demo) (2.45 MB)

Genre: Arcade

Players: One

Ah yes, Alien Maze. Another simple arcade-style game. My first "real" attempt at anything decent in Game Maker.

In the game, you pilot a UFO through a stage, trying to reach the end while collecting as many atoms as you can. If you crash into a wall, it's Game Over. In later levels, ghosts appear that will also cause a Game Over if they touch you.

It has it's quirks. The game is cenetered more around you losing than you winning, so chances are it'll take you a while to get the highest score possible. Anyway, I'm still making levels for this and stuff, so this is a "Demo" for now.

A few things to note is that I've finally been able to migrate a few things that have become commonplace for my Stagecast games. For instance, I actually have a title screen this time around. I also have a couple of tunes that play during the title screen and the game respectively, so that's cool. I even have a sound effect from Earthbound. xD

Right now there are five stages. After you finish the last stage, you'll get to input your name if you have a high score. After that, the game will reset.