BOOM Official Kill-Post

Posted by Daniel Dawson on November 3, 2015 at 2:50 AM

I know nobody comes here anyway, but I should make this official, or something: This site is being abandoned in favor of a new one I'm working on. Trust me, when it's finished, you'll hear ALL about it on my Twitter and YouTube channels, so if you actually care about my exploits, you'll know about it. In fact, I haven't even announced the fact that I'm working on a new site... That's how little stock I put into this place, I guess! xD

I'm putting a lot of work into the new site, and I have a pretty large amount of stuff to do with it before it's ready for public launch, but I mostly want it so I can make blog posts like this one, only actually share them, or whatever. That part of the site is ready, but I want to finish the rest of it before I release it, you know? Like, it's going to be a central hub for all of my projects, which means YouTube, but also my games, music, even some silly webcomics I decide to draw on rare occasion. The YouTube stuff in particular has proven hard to organize since I have a bunch of series' and stuff, and some of the content I require to do the site hasn't been, well, created yet.

In any case, thanks for reading. For now, follow me on Twitter for my ramblings and news. Only the most important stuff gets into Channel Update vlogs on the actual channel, so for other minor updates... That's where I'll be.

Okay, peace out. Dunno if I'll just leave this place around or go out of my way to delete it at some point, but I'll most likely simply forget it exists. So, if you see this post, find my YouTube channel or Twitter and look for the link to the new place, assuming it's up by then. It could be a while. There's still a lot fo work to be done...

EDIT: Hi! Buster from 2021 here. There have been a lot of spam bots posting spam links on this post, so I logged in and disabled comments. Get wrecked, bots. Luckily my password manager still had my login saved. Anyway, whatever plans I had for the stuff above got trashed long ago, lol. I dunno why I ever thought I needed a website in the first place TBH. �??? Anyway, you can find me on YouTube and Twitch. I go by BusterBeachside these days. Now click the back button and get off this website! �?� EDIT2: Apparently Webs doesn't like emojis. RIP.

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