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Posted by Daniel Dawson on July 25, 2014 at 8:30 AM

I never post here anymore, because I never feel like it. Lol. If anyone ever starts coming here, maybe I'll use the place more! In any case, I figured I would send out an update.

As the title says, I've started doing live-streaming! My internet is incredibly slow, so I'm forced to do it in rather low quality, but that's my only complaint. I've gotten followers on Twitch much more quickly than I've gotten subscribers on YouTube. xD It might just be the best way to draw attention to my channel... Heh. Here's the link to my Twitch channel, though!:

If you follow me there, it'll send you an email whenever I start streaming to let you know! If you have an iPhone, supposedly you can watch using their app, but it doesn't really work very well for me, lol. I've got an iPhone 4... sometimes it doesn't want to admit it when someone is streaming and just reports that everyone is offline. xD Strange app. Whatever, though!

As far as what I stream, I stream myself playing osu!, making games, and... nothing else so far. I originally wanted to stream Minecraft, but my streaming software kinda refused to display the game window properly, so until I can make that work, I won't be able to strema that game... which is a shame, because I'd really like to! :\ I'm going to try some things tonight to see if I can possibly do something about it, but I have litle hope for it. I get the feeling this is why the game itself added Twitch support. xD But I can't use that, because then I can't use my microphone or webcam, but more pressingly, I can't set the bitrate to stream at, so it just fails because it can't send data as quickly as it wants to over my connection. This... shouldn't be such a huge pain! Haha...

I haven't been messing with my YouTube channel as much lately. I might be getting back to it soon, but it depends. Basically, I read up on ways to do things that keeps viewers interested, and it's a lot of busy work. And if you've been following me for a decently long amount of time, you know I tend to get lazy with time-consuming busy-work that doesn't excite me. Basically, adding in annotations at the end of videos, optimizing tags, stuff like that. It's boring!

By the way, July 22nd was my 21st birthday! Yaaaaay! I had to drive myself into town, so I didn't try any alcohal, but instead I made sure to drink a lot of root beer. ;) I got Tomodachi Life and Bravely Default for 3DS, and both are fun. Bravely Default is amazing, and I've been playing it non-stop since yesterday. It even gives you bonuses for keeping the game in sleep mode, so I haven't even gone to the Home Menu, let alone play a different game. I love how badly I can abuse the game system. Even though I'm playing on Normal Mode, out of Easy, Normal and Hard, I'm having a pretty easy time of things so far. I've even gone and increased the encounter rate a few times just so I could grind quickly. Maybe I'm overleveled? It ain't impossible. XD

Tomodachi Life is fun too, but if you like RPGs, Bravely Default is a must. Tomodachi Life is sort of like... Animal Crossing and The Sims mixed. You don't have to play every day like Animal Crossing, you won't grow any weeds and your islanders wont get mad at you for being gone so long or anything. There's pretty much always something for you to do in the game. It's fun making and importing Miis. I like making up random characters.

Hmm, last thing I can think of is that Thursday (yesterday) was my last day od Summer college! I know, I never said anything about college here. Because I never post here. But, never again, Summer school sucked hard. I'm not entirely sure when I'll be getting my final grade report, but I had an A last I was told, and I feel somewhat confident about the final research paper I had to turn in yesterday. I got $14 for re-selling my textbooks, too. Yaaay. I payed nearly $50 for them. -_- Psssh. Whatever!

Well, that's that. Time to get back to Bravely Default!

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