Posted by Daniel Dawson on May 8, 2014 at 5:00 AM

No, not the movie, this website. Webs has once again proven their worth(lessness) by suspending a perfectly harmless website. It would have been nice if I had gotten, I dunno, an EMAIL or something letting me know this had happened!!! On top of that, my entire ACCOUNT is frozen, so I can't make the changes to Puzzle League Heaven that I wanted to make tonight. I...think. It's letting me edit this site, even though it's currently not live.

My only guess was that this was caused by my linking to my favorite retro gaming site in the Links section. I always said I would remove it if any dumbass bigwigs got anal about it (Yes, I'm annoyed that they are taking away my free speech, lol), so I've removed it and emailed them asking them why in bloody hell they felt the need to freeze my personal site that nobody ever visits anyway. I'm going to cause so much damages, the rampant piracy my site will cause will crash the stock market and drive Webs into bankruptcy. -.- Seriously. Uhg. Maybe they froze it because I speak my freaking mind in these blog posts! Almost feels like it!

Anyway. I'm waiting on them now. I bet it will take them two weeks to reply or something. I just hope it's either, "Oh, sorry, it was an error", or, "YOU LINKED 2 EMULATION SITE, U EVIL AND BANNED". Because legal types LOOOOVE caps lock. How would they have even found that among the dozens of other links anyway? Did the one person who decided to visit my blog decide to rat me out? WTF.

I'd better stop, I'm just venting anger right now...

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