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Posted by Daniel Dawson on July 28, 2013 at 6:50 AM

I haven't posted in a while, but that's okay. I have many good reasons for once.

1. I finally got my new computer. Mmhmm. I have a good bunch of games already. Find my Steam ID on the About Me page! :D
2. I've been working on one of my new and ambitious stagecast projects recently, and you know what? Everything's working exactly as I imagined it. So I went and made it better. Demo's almost complete, you will be told when I've released it.
3. Work. Uhg. And sleep. Between work and sleep I hardly have any time for entertainment! Of course, I still make time for entertainment. Maybe that's why I feel I never have enough time for sleep...
4. Nobody visits this blog anyway, lol. It's been considered incomplete for a long time now.

Alright, so. First updates first. I got my new computer. I'd post my specs, but I don't remember them very well and I'm not sure how to check them. D: But here's this, at least:

Processor: Intel Core i7. It has four cores and what-not. It was the best CPU I could buy!
OS: Windows 8 (It's really not that bad, I don't feel the need to change it. I don't get much use out of Metro, though. But it's there.)
Memory: 16GB
Storage: 120GB SATA Solid State Drive (It's already full, haha! x,D Next check equals 1TB USB drive! I didn't realize how quickly it would go...)
Graphics Card: This is the one I still know nothing about. I ended up getting the best non-GeForce card I could buy. It's some kind of AMD Radeon HD card I believe. 2GB VRAM... I don't know the exact model or anything, but it's one of the better ones. A buddy of mine said it should be able to play most games on max graphics for the next couple of years. :p Which is fine by me, two years of future-proofing is more than I could ask for. And I can always buy a new one when the time comes, right?

Nextly, Stagecast. I love this freaking program. There are things to hate, sure, but I can do so much with it... Anyway, I've been remaking Stick Adventure 3 with an actual RPG game system. It's so much more incredible and updated than even the demo of SA3.5 that I have out now, I can't even explain it briefly! Let's just say I've done two times the work on it so far compared to that demo, and that was mainly on the battle system (Which isn't even 100% complete yet!). I also have the **NEW** map system working, as well as the **NEW** NPC system. The battle system, by the way, is incredible to say the least. Multiple characters, messing with stats, lots of battle text... And much more. I really can't wait to share it, and I felt that way before I starting working on it actively again. I still can't say when I can release the demo, but hopefully it'll be soon! I still have a number of things to complete, but when I get them done... Oh, my. It'll be like eating a homemade breakfast sandwhich on one of those rare, happy mornings where you actually wake up feeling nice and rested, you don't have to do anything, and the whether is perfect. Haha! Well, hopefully it'll be awesome, anyway. I guaruntee it's the best stagecast game you'll ever play.

Work has been fine really, no big complaints (except that they're always out of bags! Luckily I'm able to make my customers understand and re-focus their anger onto the situation and not on me by letting them know in some way or another that it's really a pain for me, too. xD).

Anyway, this place. So, I think it's really great the way it is right now. I was originally planning on adding a Downloads page at some point, but I realize that isn't really needed. I've already linked to everything cool I know of on the Links page, so just go over there to find some cool stuff! As such, I'm gonna re-edit the home page to be a more legit thing. I can't stand removing the City 17 line, though... Nor the "What a boring header we have here!" thing. xD They've kinda grown on me. But yeah, basically, this place is officially open now, not that it makes any difference. But maybe I'll post here a bit more often now. xD

Well, I think I'm done for tonight. Er, this morning. Dang it. Haha. Just kidding, I'm actually pulling an all-nighter on purpose tonight. I have a two-day weekend coming up you see, so I'm allowed a little leniency in my sleep habits.:p By "two-day weekend", I mean days off from work in a row. I usually get two days off per week, but recently I haven't gotten them both in a row. I'm pretty happy about that.
Okay, bye for now! I'll be back soon with more news from the life of me! Until then, go have fun with something I created for you!


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