I got Twitch

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I never post here anymore, because I never feel like it. Lol. If anyone ever starts coming here, maybe I'll use the place more! In any case, I figured I would send out an update.

As the title says, I've started doing live-streaming! My internet is incredibly slow, so I'm forced to do it in rather low quality, but that's my only complaint. I've gotten followers on Twitch much more quickly than I've gotten subscribers on YouTube. xD It might just be the best way to draw attention to my channel... Heh. Here's the link to my Twitch channel, though!:

If you follow me there, it'll send you an email whenever I start streaming to let you know! If you have an iPhone, supposedly you can watch using their app, but it doesn't really work very well for me, lol. I've got an iPhone 4... sometimes it doesn't want to admit it when someone is streaming and just reports that everyone is offline. xD Strange app. Whatever, though!

As far as what I stream, I stream myself playing osu!, making games, and... nothing else so far. I originally wanted to stream Minecraft, but my streaming software kinda refused to display the game window properly, so until I can make that work, I won't be able to strema that game... which is a shame, because I'd really like to! :\ I'm going to try some things tonight to see if I can possibly do something about it, but I have litle hope for it. I get the feeling this is why the game itself added Twitch support. xD But I can't use that, because then I can't use my microphone or webcam, but more pressingly, I can't set the bitrate to stream at, so it just fails because it can't send data as quickly as it wants to over my connection. This... shouldn't be such a huge pain! Haha...

I haven't been messing with my YouTube channel as much lately. I might be getting back to it soon, but it depends. Basically, I read up on ways to do things that keeps viewers interested, and it's a lot of busy work. And if you've been following me for a decently long amount of time, you know I tend to get lazy with time-consuming busy-work that doesn't excite me. Basically, adding in annotations at the end of videos, optimizing tags, stuff like that. It's boring!

By the way, July 22nd was my 21st birthday! Yaaaaay! I had to drive myself into town, so I didn't try any alcohal, but instead I made sure to drink a lot of root beer. ;) I got Tomodachi Life and Bravely Default for 3DS, and both are fun. Bravely Default is amazing, and I've been playing it non-stop since yesterday. It even gives you bonuses for keeping the game in sleep mode, so I haven't even gone to the Home Menu, let alone play a different game. I love how badly I can abuse the game system. Even though I'm playing on Normal Mode, out of Easy, Normal and Hard, I'm having a pretty easy time of things so far. I've even gone and increased the encounter rate a few times just so I could grind quickly. Maybe I'm overleveled? It ain't impossible. XD

Tomodachi Life is fun too, but if you like RPGs, Bravely Default is a must. Tomodachi Life is sort of like... Animal Crossing and The Sims mixed. You don't have to play every day like Animal Crossing, you won't grow any weeds and your islanders wont get mad at you for being gone so long or anything. There's pretty much always something for you to do in the game. It's fun making and importing Miis. I like making up random characters.

Hmm, last thing I can think of is that Thursday (yesterday) was my last day od Summer college! I know, I never said anything about college here. Because I never post here. But, never again, Summer school sucked hard. I'm not entirely sure when I'll be getting my final grade report, but I had an A last I was told, and I feel somewhat confident about the final research paper I had to turn in yesterday. I got $14 for re-selling my textbooks, too. Yaaay. I payed nearly $50 for them. -_- Psssh. Whatever!

Well, that's that. Time to get back to Bravely Default!

Not Frozen Anymore

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Well, Webs got back to me the next day and said, "Upon further reveiw, your account does NOT show any activity violating our ToS. We are terribly sorry for the inconvenience, your site will be unfrozen within the hour". So... I guess either a troll reported me and Webs decided not to reveiw my site before freezing it, or they have a stupid automatic "Illegal stuff"-finding crawler that saw something and took it as a false alarm. -_- Whatever! We're back now.

I've been trying to get some updates done on a lot of my websites lately. Mainly Puzzle League Heaven and the Underdog Arcade. I messed with possibilities for the later earlier tonight, but I couldn't figure out any way to make it look any nicer (Besides trimming things down, which I will try to do anyway). So, now I'm here and I may make a few more changes to PLH after I've posted this blog update.

Hey, if anyone's here, will you comment on this so I know I'm not alone out here? :D


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No, not the movie, this website. Webs has once again proven their worth(lessness) by suspending a perfectly harmless website. It would have been nice if I had gotten, I dunno, an EMAIL or something letting me know this had happened!!! On top of that, my entire ACCOUNT is frozen, so I can't make the changes to Puzzle League Heaven that I wanted to make tonight. I...think. It's letting me edit this site, even though it's currently not live.

My only guess was that this was caused by my linking to my favorite retro gaming site in the Links section. I always said I would remove it if any dumbass bigwigs got anal about it (Yes, I'm annoyed that they are taking away my free speech, lol), so I've removed it and emailed them asking them why in bloody hell they felt the need to freeze my personal site that nobody ever visits anyway. I'm going to cause so much damages, the rampant piracy my site will cause will crash the stock market and drive Webs into bankruptcy. -.- Seriously. Uhg. Maybe they froze it because I speak my freaking mind in these blog posts! Almost feels like it!

Anyway. I'm waiting on them now. I bet it will take them two weeks to reply or something. I just hope it's either, "Oh, sorry, it was an error", or, "YOU LINKED 2 EMULATION SITE, U EVIL AND BANNED". Because legal types LOOOOVE caps lock. How would they have even found that among the dozens of other links anyway? Did the one person who decided to visit my blog decide to rat me out? WTF.

I'd better stop, I'm just venting anger right now...

A now more recent update

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It has been a loooooong time since my last post here. Rightly so. Nobody comes here. Rightly so. But I put this place up as my "Website link" on various online profiles since I have links to all my various other sites posted up here. So I guess I should update for once.

I lost my job a few days ago, which is sad. A blessing in disguise, though! Got a hefty final paycheck and now I'm free to focus on my personal projects (Okay, and college too, but there's a high chance I won't get in this semester anyway, so...). Today I finally got done a ton of stuff I've been meaning to get done for a while now. I'm enjoying myself now. I get to hang out more with my brother and sister-in-law (And I'm realizing just how often they come over to our house...). Downsides? Well, no more cash flowing in, but like I said, hefty final check. Not to mention, tax returns are coming soon, too. As long as I'm smart and try not to touch my money too much, it should last for a really long time.

There's so much I COULD potentially be talking about right now, I'm just deciding on a choice few subjects for this post. I need to post my Nintendo Network ID on the About Me page (BusterBlazeFox, by the way! Or maybe just BusterTheFox. Try both. :p My Mii is a dude with glasses and brown hair and a little smirk. That's how you'll know it's me, I guess!). Also, my 3DS Freind Code, although I don't have that in front of me right now.

Keep watch. Now that I'm free from work, I can finally get famous work humbly on my music and stories and games and other stuff. So yeah. Haha.

I think that'll do it, since nobody will likely read this and all. "Hey, everyone! Posted yesterday! This guy is RECENT! We should watch his YouTube videos!" Naw, not gonna happen. Possibly. Could happen. Like, if that's in a mocking sort of way. Mmm.

Hey, look at that!

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I haven't posted in a while, but that's okay. I have many good reasons for once.

1. I finally got my new computer. Mmhmm. I have a good bunch of games already. Find my Steam ID on the About Me page! :D
2. I've been working on one of my new and ambitious stagecast projects recently, and you know what? Everything's working exactly as I imagined it. So I went and made it better. Demo's almost complete, you will be told when I've released it.
3. Work. Uhg. And sleep. Between work and sleep I hardly have any time for entertainment! Of course, I still make time for entertainment. Maybe that's why I feel I never have enough time for sleep...
4. Nobody visits this blog anyway, lol. It's been considered incomplete for a long time now.

Alright, so. First updates first. I got my new computer. I'd post my specs, but I don't remember them very well and I'm not sure how to check them. D: But here's this, at least:

Processor: Intel Core i7. It has four cores and what-not. It was the best CPU I could buy!
OS: Windows 8 (It's really not that bad, I don't feel the need to change it. I don't get much use out of Metro, though. But it's there.)
Memory: 16GB
Storage: 120GB SATA Solid State Drive (It's already full, haha! x,D Next check equals 1TB USB drive! I didn't realize how quickly it would go...)
Graphics Card: This is the one I still know nothing about. I ended up getting the best non-GeForce card I could buy. It's some kind of AMD Radeon HD card I believe. 2GB VRAM... I don't know the exact model or anything, but it's one of the better ones. A buddy of mine said it should be able to play most games on max graphics for the next couple of years. :p Which is fine by me, two years of future-proofing is more than I could ask for. And I can always buy a new one when the time comes, right?

Nextly, Stagecast. I love this freaking program. There are things to hate, sure, but I can do so much with it... Anyway, I've been remaking Stick Adventure 3 with an actual RPG game system. It's so much more incredible and updated than even the demo of SA3.5 that I have out now, I can't even explain it briefly! Let's just say I've done two times the work on it so far compared to that demo, and that was mainly on the battle system (Which isn't even 100% complete yet!). I also have the **NEW** map system working, as well as the **NEW** NPC system. The battle system, by the way, is incredible to say the least. Multiple characters, messing with stats, lots of battle text... And much more. I really can't wait to share it, and I felt that way before I starting working on it actively again. I still can't say when I can release the demo, but hopefully it'll be soon! I still have a number of things to complete, but when I get them done... Oh, my. It'll be like eating a homemade breakfast sandwhich on one of those rare, happy mornings where you actually wake up feeling nice and rested, you don't have to do anything, and the whether is perfect. Haha! Well, hopefully it'll be awesome, anyway. I guaruntee it's the best stagecast game you'll ever play.

Work has been fine really, no big complaints (except that they're always out of bags! Luckily I'm able to make my customers understand and re-focus their anger onto the situation and not on me by letting them know in some way or another that it's really a pain for me, too. xD).

Anyway, this place. So, I think it's really great the way it is right now. I was originally planning on adding a Downloads page at some point, but I realize that isn't really needed. I've already linked to everything cool I know of on the Links page, so just go over there to find some cool stuff! As such, I'm gonna re-edit the home page to be a more legit thing. I can't stand removing the City 17 line, though... Nor the "What a boring header we have here!" thing. xD They've kinda grown on me. But yeah, basically, this place is officially open now, not that it makes any difference. But maybe I'll post here a bit more often now. xD

Well, I think I'm done for tonight. Er, this morning. Dang it. Haha. Just kidding, I'm actually pulling an all-nighter on purpose tonight. I have a two-day weekend coming up you see, so I'm allowed a little leniency in my sleep habits.:p By "two-day weekend", I mean days off from work in a row. I usually get two days off per week, but recently I haven't gotten them both in a row. I'm pretty happy about that.
Okay, bye for now! I'll be back soon with more news from the life of me! Until then, go have fun with something I created for you!


New Computer (In a few months)!

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So I recently went online to and found a "build your own PC" thing they had there. In case I hadn't mentioned it already, I'm saving up for a new computer. My budget is going to be $1,000. I currently have $400 saved up and I'm putting in $100 per paycheck, which is bi-monthly (So that means I get another $200 every month). Going by that, I should have enough by mid-July! :D

So I built my PC. It came out above my budget, but I wasn't willing to go any lower on my specs. I went into the Steam store and looked at the recommended system requirements for all of the games I wanted to play (Sonic Generations, Elder Scroll V: Skyrim...). Although it's tough to figure out these stupid graphics cards, I'm pretty sure the one I chose is better than the recommended requirements for all of the games. Everything else was. Although the graphics card was the one thing I went with that was by far not the best I could've bought. I got the second best processor though, 16 GB of RAM (The very best I could've gotten was I guess some kind of gaming RAM, I don't see the point in that though), Widnows 8 (All you people need to stop resisting change, I'mma be the first to use Widnows 8 right, I swear) and a nice blue gaming case. Actually, the case was the lowest cost one I could get, but I happened to like it a lot. It'll do what it needs to get done since it's a gaming case. That being, ventilating the system.

As for the graphics card, it was the second worst 2 GB one I could find. The worst 2GB was a GeForce, and I've heard bad things about those cards having compatability issues before, so I decided to go one above. I didn't need to get anything better after all. Even Skyrim said it only needed 1 GB in the recommended requirements. So it can run all of the best new games. Even if not at recommended, it'll be able to play all the brand new games, too. I'll be future-proof for a while. xD If I was willing to save up a little longer I could get a better graphics card, thogh... Still considering that. Cause it's the one thing I would want to do better, besides maybe add a Blu-Ray player. All they had was a DVD/CD reader/writer, a 2-in-one DVD/CD writer and Blu-Ray READER only, and a Blu-Ray Reader/Writer. Why can't it read and write both DVDs AND Blu-Rays!? Meh. Some may say DVDs are on the way out, but I don't really care about Blu-Ray. As long as I can rwad and write my DVDs and CDs, I'm fine. I can always download Blu-Rays from the internet, right? My computer WILL be able to play them now... Thank God...

Right, so, like I said, that came out above my budget by a bit. However, I happen to work at Walmart. And as it happens, I get my employee discount online, too!! After my discount went through, the total came to ~$1,005. Thanks to the discount, the tax also went down, and I'm having it sent to the store so I don't have to play shipping charges, either. ^_^ So I'll have to pay a tiny bit extra, but it's RIGHT where my budget is! It was awesome! xD Which may be partly why I'm considering getting a better graphics card. 

Thinking a bit past there for a second, I have a lot of exciting ideas for what I can do when I have the computer. Aside from running games on Steam and such, I'll be also to play osu! with maximum graphics and same thing for Minecraft. I'll be able to run all of the latest and greatest emulators, like for PS2 and Wii. But probably the biggest cool thing will be that I'll be able to record while doing all of this. Therefore, I'll be able to make some decent videos, and therefore have an entertaining... You guessed it... YouTube Channel!!!

Man, I'm gonna record myself doing everything. I'll record my best osu! replays, I'll do Let's Plays of my own games (Haha), I'll even record me and my brother playing silly games over LAN, like Viper Racing with the Horn Ball Mod activated. xD And Portal 2. And Minecraft, of course. And many, many more.

And I've already thought of an opening and something for me to say at the start and the end of videos (Although I don't know how viable creating an opening will be for me unless there's some good video editing software out there that's free that can do it). At first, I thought I'd make the channel name "BusterTheFox". But, no. I'm gonna make it coinside with my forum for my games, The Fantasy Café. And I'll say, in a very freindly bartender sort of way:
"Hey there, welcome to the Fantasy Café. Our special today is ---". The dashes are replaced with the content of the video! xD Fun, right? Like, "Our special today is a little game I made titled Stick Adventure". Or sometimes I'll say, "Today we're serving up some Java, that is to say, Stagecast games/Minecraft"... Heheh. Because both Stagecast and Minecraft are programmed in Java... And since it's a Café... Java is, you know, coffee, and... It's a lot more clever in practice, let me tell you. N-Not like I've been practicing alone in my room or anything.

Mmm... Yeah. Also, there happens to be another 3D game making program called 3D RAD that my current computer can't run. It let's you make AI racers race around a certain area, so if I can make a nice-looking race track, I could make a nice 3D Krazzy Kartzz game with it! Or maybe even a Police Getaway! Who knows; I don't I didn't get a chance to really try it out since it didn't run very quickly. xp

Soooooo yeah. I wish I knew how important my graphics card will be in running games and stuff and otherwise how good it is. Same with my other specs, though. I don't know a lot about graphics cards...

I guess that's that. I'll finally be able to run other programs at the same time as each other. Most notable, osu! and Minecraft with Google Chrome open. xD So I can mod beatmaps or be on the Minecraft Wiki at the same time. Or maybe all of that at once! Not that I could play osu! and Minecraft at the same time very well. Meh.

Yay, an update!

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Finally came back and made a few updates to the blog. Firstly, I deleted the Stories page because I thought I didn't need it. Then, I fixed a bunch of typos on the Links page and updated the About Me page a bit. Then I re-created the Stories page because I realized how useful it was. Finally, I added a list of my stories to the Stories page! :D Yay! So, check those out sometime.

While looking at the Games page, I started thinking about all of the games I'm making right now and why I'm not working on them more. My main game, the Stick Adventure 3 re-make, is just super-tough. I think my ideas for it were a bit over-ambitious. While it all works in theorey, it's super-complicated to get done, so I'm very prone to making a mistake somewhere. And THEN I'd have to sift through ALL the rules to figure out what went wrong and where. So I think I might try thinking up a different battle system that isn't quite as complicated but still gets done what I need to have done. I've been thinking of multiple ways of doing just that, but I'm coming up with a lot of different ideas. For instance, do I make it like the original version where you only play as Stick but make it against multiple enemies (Like the game Tsugunai: Atonement), or do I try to make multiple Player Characters but tone down the Priority Queue a lot? Ideally I'll have multiple characters playable, but it's mostly the way I have the Queue set up that's killing me.

...I'll leave the brainstorming for later. But anyway, I'm having trouble thinking of how to do that. Meanwhile, I have other games, like Umbrage, that I'm still working on. Umbrage is just because I can't think of how I'm going to do the next world. It's tough thinking up ARPG enemies like this... 2D side-scrolling Action RPGs need some pretty creative enemies. To be interesting, at least. As for my other games, I guess it's all just because I don't feel like doing it enough to waste my creativity on them. xD Haha! I guess I want it to be easier than it should be. I should buckle down and get them done so I can focus more on a single game at a time... Just make them have really short stories and not think up too many gameplay perks. Yeah. I should look through my folders...

Meanwhile I get payed tomorrow, so I'm going into town. >D I'm gonna start by getting gas... yada yada... bare essentials... But then, I'm gonna BUY A BUNCH OF FOOD!!! I'M GONNA STOCK UP ON AWESOME AT FOOD 4 LESS AND THEN EAT AT PIZZA HUT!!!

...It's been way too long since I've treated myself. :p I still buy junk food anyway, but I usually tend to think about money a lot when I do so... I'm just gonna stock up so that I don't have to buy a bunch of expensive fast food. Maybe it'll work out. Who knows? I doubt it. But I'm doing it anyway.

But that also means I don't get all the 3DS and Wii U games I've been wanting. For 3DS specifically, Fire Emblem Awakening and Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed (It's cheap and it plays a lot like the Wii U version, which I have and like playing, so...). And for Wii U specifically, SPECIFICALLY, I want The Walking Dead Survival Instinct. Which reminds me, I've started hearing rumors of a Fallout 4 from Bethesda recently. I WANT.

So yeah, tomorrow's gonna be a big food day, and I'm not proud of that, but I'm also not ashamed. So, take THAT, world! :D Tomorrow might also turn into a big game-creation festival, with a bunch of my titles getting randomly released because I decided to shorten them and buckle down and defeat them all at once. I wanna make the RPG I'm working on my best, and I can't do that with all these other projects nagging at me in my head...

Getting Started

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I started on the About Me page and the Downloads page today, while finishing off the Links page. I still have plenty of links to give, but I'm satisfied with what I have for now. :3

I'm not yet finished with About Me, but until I figure out what to put there next, it's good enough for me. I guess I should put other favorite TV shows, movies and books/stories. Otherwise, not sure what else.

I started the Downloads page with a list of my Stagecast games, but I found a really cool module for displaying a screenshot next to the game's download/description. Now I have nearly ten games there with fancy screenshots and descriptions, and nothing else. So, I'm going to make a separate Games page for those. xD That gave me the idea to make separate pages for Stories and Music. Why those two? Because those are a couple of things that I also do. I'll post up a few stories I have written, although most likely as OpenOffice documents. I also have a way to record my guitar playing directly from my amplifier, so maybe I'll record some of my riffs. I also make music with WarioWare: DIY sometimes, so maybe I can find a way to record that directly, too. :D I'll upload it all to my SoundCloud!

Anyway, that brings me up to 8 out of 10 pages I'm allowed to have. That kinda sucks since it means I don't have a lot of room for future ideas, but hopefully what I have now will be enough.

So! I guess next on the agenda is making those new pages. Then I guess working on said pages for a while. Then again, I also want to finish the Battle System for the SA3 remake, and I'm wanting to make a proof-of-concept thing for the SA2 remake I've been thinking about. xD Plus, I'd love to record some guitar riffs and finish a few chapters of stories I'm working on. Then I could put them on those new pages I'm going to make.

Heheh! I'm normally so lazy! Well, anyway, most likely I'll be just working on the Games and Downloads pages for the most part. I have a few musical files I can put on the Music page already, as well as a few chapters of unfinished stories of mine (I really only have two finished Short Stories; I don't have anything novel-length with chapters or anything like that finished. Maybe I should stick with short stories?). At any rate, it's late now. I'll continue work on this tomorrow~!

New News Blog for Buster!

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And how're y'all doin' today? I would say, "Allow me to introduce myself" and then go on to say a bunch of stuff about myself in no particular orgazined fashion, but that might not be such a good idea considering my habit of rambling on and on in these types of posts, so I'll go ahead and point you towards the About Me page and leave it at that.

So yeah, just for the heck of it, this site was made on January 17th, 2013 at something around 3:15 AM. I'm going to write a little introduction on the home page, so I'll keep this short, but I've always kind of wanted a little personal blog like this. I keep up with a certain "internet celebrity" by the name of Clyde Mandelin, better known as Tomato, or Mato for short. He's a professional Japanese-English translator, and has worked on many prestigous series', including One Piece, Fairy Tail and Shakugan no Shana. He is perhaps best known for being a head figure in the Mother/Earthbound fan community, being the founder of both and, as well as his fan translation of the Game Boy Advance game Mother 3, which is just about on par with an official release (He was aided immensly by two other users, Chewy and Jeffman, too, as well as a few other people I'm not too sure of. Giving credit where credit's due! When I know who they are, at least). Anyway, considering he's done some rather popular things for the nerdy community, he's gotten sorta kinda really famous in a way. As a fan of the Mother series myself, I follow his blog on Earthbound Central, but lately I've been keeping up with his regular blogs at Or maybe that one was a .com address. Aw, heck. Anyway, I thought it was cool that he had a site where he could just blog about his day and post up information about translations he's worked on and programs he's written and the like, just a site about stuff he likes. Regardless of him having this sort of celebrity status, he's totally casual about what he does. He puts some thought into what he types, that at least I can tell, but he doesn't go out of his way to be fake for the sake of a few more subscribers on YouTube, you know what I mean?

Anyway. You've probably already figured out what this site is supposed to be for me. Although not many people know me, I guess I do hold a couple of high points in the internet, even if they are obscure and not-very-popular. Head over to the Links page to see some of my other sites that I run (as well as a list of cool sites in general, my Facebook and Twitter pages, etc.) and what they're about/what my role is there... I can't place a hyper link to it right now because I haven't created the page yet as of this post, but that's next on the list...! xD

But that's enough for now. Here's my plans for this site:
Home page - Introduces what this site is about, basically.
Blog - You are here.
Downloads - I'll post up links to stuff from my Dropbox account that's fun to download. Like games that I've made and some other fun stuff. Probably mostly nerdy things, I dunno. I AM kind of a huge nerd. Although I never let it show in everyday life.
Links - I show off some of my other websites and brag about how I'm the bigwig admin there, but I also post links to websites that I like and visit often.
About Me - My own personal biography, basically. You'll find personal details about myself here, like my interests, my hobbies, my passions (All three of those are not a lot different, huh?), and other junk. You can find my usernames for different sites like DeviantART, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and all that other good stuff there. Maybe I'll post a picture too, but it'll be in, like, a spoiler tag if I can help it. xD

That's a total of five pages. And that's all I'll be needing, for now. Anyway, there's my first blog post! *Celebration*

I should probably think about some sort of line to put at the end of each of these things. Like, a motto or slogan. Bless your face. Naw, that won't work...

Heheh. Anyway, depedning on when you find this site/when I get all of the pages ready, have fun... learning about me, I guess. There's supposedly a way to link my Twitter acount to these things so that it updates for me automatically whenever I make a new blog post. So that'll make my Twiter account more interesting to follow. xD

Oh! One LAST thing before I finish this off. Back in the day at one of my old sites, I used to make all "important" text yellow. So, I might do something like that around here. Of course, that site had a boring white text on black background scheme, so I might change it to red text or something...

Until next time, peace,