Pokémon Sapphire Nuzlocke run!

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I recently began a Pokemon Sapphire Nuzlocke challenge on my Twitch channel! For those of you who don't know, a Nuzlocke is a special challenge in which you can only capture the first pokemon you find in any given area, and if they EVER faint, they are considered DEAD, and you must release them. No exceptions. This makes revives rather useless, so if you ever find any, sell 'em. xD

The stream has been going rather well, and, surprisingly, the quality actually looks pretty good on it compared to the other games I've streamed, so I'm going to be putting it up on YouTube for anyone who missed the live streams. We've already had a number of stressful/scary moments, and we've even had a death...

To watch previous parts of the run, go to my YouTube channel, found here (Coming soon):

To watch the run live as it happens, follow me on Twitch, here:

I've been kind of forcing myself to get back into doing video stuff lately, so hopefully you'll see more content from me soon. Until then, every follow/subscribe, comment/chatroom participation and like really count, and bring me a long way! ^_^

YouTube updates!

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Hello, everyone! I've been linking a growing amount of things to this here blog, so I decided I would share an update with the world.

First and foremost, the title of this entry. After about a month on hiatus due to college (and creative burnout), I'm back posting videos again! My channel recently turned one on the 3rd of August, and I made a video to celebrate (It's nothing special, just a little vlog update. A recording of myself tlaking to the camera, basically, which is halfway to show off that I figured out face cams, but also because it happens to be the most viable format for this sort of thing, lol). It's actually uploaded and ready right now, but I have it set as Unlisted while I wait for my most recent Minecraft episode to finish uploading. Why? Because I've now added end cards to my videos, so now it'll be easier to find more of my stuff! I had to re-upload the Minecraft episode once, so I wanna make sure it doesn't glitch out again before I add the link... And yes, new Minecraft video on the way! It's a half hour this time (Sorry it took me so long to make another one!).

On that note, I just finished recording a new Vietnamese Crystal episode, as well! It also turned out around 30 minutes, so... you're welcome, I guess? I wouldn't really mind doing half-hour episodes as opposed to 15 minutes, but uploading a half hour of raw 720p video takes a LONG time over my connection. That's part of the reason why I switched from 1080p video to 720p. I really want to cut back on my upload times, especially now that part of the editing process happens on YouTube itself (adding annotations to the end cards). Which is also why fifteen-minute episodes are more ideal for me right now. As for upgrading, me and my dad actually tried to get a better connection recently, but we live out in the middle of nowhere ("The Boonies", or Egypt as I like to call it [We don't actually live in Egypt]), and as it turned out, we already have the fastest connection AT&T offers out here. And, AT&T is the ONLY ISP that is out here. Other than DISH Network satellite internet, but that's expensive, and I think they make you have to include a TV service in a bundle to get it or something...

To be perfectly honest, I would LOVE to be able to get a job and move out on my own. Then I could get my own apartment, record videos whenever I wanted without having to worry about waking up my parents, and get a faster internet connection. But obviously, renting an apartment doesn't come cheap, and there are other bills I'd have to pay, too. And nowadays, a cashier job at Walmart isn't going to support that. I have a friend who used to live in an apartment with three or four roommates, and he worked at Walmart. Even when splitting the rent and other bills between three people, he was still really tight on cash. And though I'd love to move out, I'd specifically like to live ALONE for a bit, not because I'm particularly anti-social or anything, but just because it would be a fun new experience for me, and I'd get to decorate my place however I wanted, have friends over without getting permission from my parents first, so on and so fourth. Point is, in order to support a life like that, I'd have to get a good, WELL-PAYING job. And to do that without a college education, well, I need to either win the lottery or get famous. Now, I have a YouTube channel, and I have gifts for writing stories and playing music, and these creative things truly are my passion. But if I am going to make money off of these sorts of things, It's going to take a while, at the very least.

Now, I'm going to mention now that I am a devout Christian; that is not to say I'm a raging Athiest hater who is going to preach about the fire and brimstones of Hell to you all day, so please don't let that bother you. I try to keep it mostly out of my videos because I don't really feel it belongs there, especially with the types of videos I create. But with that said, I believe God has a specific plan for my life and that it will work out according to His will. Furthermore, I feel as if I have been called to become a musician by Him. And if that's really what He wants from me, well, a college education doesn't really help with that. I suppose I could major in music, but who ever heard of a rock band that cites how it got started as "a bunch of music majors who met in a high-level music class at a posh university"? All the ones I've heard were things like, "We were just a bunch of dudes playing in our parents' garage, and somehow we got famous". I dunno. Another creative thing I like to do is making video games, as you may know. I make them in Stagecast, and I don't actually know any real programming languages, but that's the one thing I could probably go to college for. I don't want to just be a programmer if I'm going to program; I want to make games. But, like everything else in the world right now, that field is very hard to get into. I suppose it's not impossible to make an "indie" game, and then release it as "Underdog Creations", an actual company/indie game development studio, but that's certainly not what you would call a "stable" work environment. With the kind of freedom indie game makers have these days with things like Kickstarter and Steam publishing, it could work, but really, it would take years for anything like that to be feasible for me... unless Stagecast magically becomes a viable platform for which to develop games which you could sell. And really, it could be... All they would have to do is add a few important features. Being able to save as a .exe file, most importantly, but also things like smooth movement and better support for sounds (At current it supports .ogg and .wav, which it only supports because someone wrote a wav->ogg converter program for it). It also severly downgrades the quality of any sound imported. It needs to be able to at LEAST support .mp3 files IMO, and then be able to pause/play music in real time and automatically loop music at the end (or a specified part) of the track. Without downgrading sound quality. It should still keep the .ogg and .wav support, just get rid of the crazy down sampling it does! If we can get just THAT, I could make a fun game that I'm certain people would play (Although I would try to get an artist on it for me before I try and release it). If we could also get tools that can, for instance, scale graphics in real time and/or the ability to play video files in-game, it could be even better!

Um, and yes, keeping in mind right now that Game Maker can do all of those things. I've tried Game Maker. I really have. Here's the thing: You can be CRAZY specific with your conditions for making things happen in Stagecast. In Game Maker, you onyl have what they say you can do from a limited set of options. the only other thing I found that even remotely resembles the freedom Stagecast gives you is something called "trigger", and when I click on that, it gives me a blank text box. What is that for, scripting? Some type of programming language? I don't know how to use that, and if I did, I would just use that instead of freaking Game Maker!! That's the whole point, isn't it?
To put it in perspective, I've been trying to remake a very simple game in Game Maker: Pong. Now, I've done this in Stagecast once already, and it was very simple and easy to do. But, it was all blocky and stuff, and I wanted it to be a bit smoother, so I planned to remake it in Stagecast. However, I had been meaning to try Game Maker again for a long time, and though I could make the pixels much smaller in Stagecast, Game Maker supports the "smooth movement" I was talking about, meaning when I press up, the character moves up and continues moving up, whereas in Stagecast, if you press up, he moves up, pauses for a bit, and then starts moving upward incredibly quickly, like when you're holding down a letter on your key board in a text editor...


You get the idea...

So in the end, I decided it was a job better suited for Game Maker, and seeing as it's a rather simple game, I thought it would be easy. No, not really! I was able to get the ball to randomly spawn moving towards one of the two paddles, as well as being able to move the paddle itself. I made it bounce off the walls,and it got faster when it would hit a paddle. Only thing is, I couldn't figure out how to make it increment it's speed every time it hit a paddle, which was rather important to me. I decided to leave that until later, because there was one more thing I wanted to do that was IMPERATIVE to this game in my mind: making the ball bounce at a different angle depending on where it hit the paddle. Now I don't know about you, but I never saw a check for if there's a collision with THIS object AT A SPECIFIC POINT; just, IF there's a collision. Since there is no way to check for this specific condition, I can't make the ball bounce in a different direction depending on where it hits the paddle. I can only make it reverse direction or start travelling in a specific/random direction if it hits the paddle, PERIOD. And as far as I can tell, there is no way short of knowing a scripting/programmig language to make it check for that specific condition.

...I went to check up on something in the program to make sure I wasn't going to say something wrong, and I ended up working on the game for a bit. Then it started doing weird things, so I decided to record a playtest of it. :O And then I added subtitles, and now it's uploading. Haha! Well, anyway, perhaps I'll post on the Game Maker forums someday looking for help. I have no intention of teaching myself any scripting/programming languages for this to work, but there may be something I'm missing here.

Good night, or, good morning, as it were! It's just passed the 3:10 AM mark here in the Pacific! It would've been earlier, but I stopped in the middle to do another video, haha! After that, I find that making videos is a good form of stress-relief for me. Cool! Anyway... look forward to all the new videos and, I guess, games that are coming your way soon! In other news, I got Petal's voice acting done for Stick Adventure 3 Remix (FINALLY!), so I think Demo 3 of that one might be coming much sooner than expected!

Until next time, keep on drinking those waterfalls.
~ Buster

I got Twitch

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I never post here anymore, because I never feel like it. Lol. If anyone ever starts coming here, maybe I'll use the place more! In any case, I figured I would send out an update.

As the title says, I've started doing live-streaming! My internet is incredibly slow, so I'm forced to do it in rather low quality, but that's my only complaint. I've gotten followers on Twitch much more quickly than I've gotten subscribers on YouTube. xD It might just be the best way to draw attention to my channel... Heh. Here's the link to my Twitch channel, though!:

If you follow me there, it'll send you an email whenever I start streaming to let you know! If you have an iPhone, supposedly you can watch using their app, but it doesn't really work very well for me, lol. I've got an iPhone 4... sometimes it doesn't want to admit it when someone is streaming and just reports that everyone is offline. xD Strange app. Whatever, though!

As far as what I stream, I stream myself playing osu!, making games, and... nothing else so far. I originally wanted to stream Minecraft, but my streaming software kinda refused to display the game window properly, so until I can make that work, I won't be able to strema that game... which is a shame, because I'd really like to! :\ I'm going to try some things tonight to see if I can possibly do something about it, but I have litle hope for it. I get the feeling this is why the game itself added Twitch support. xD But I can't use that, because then I can't use my microphone or webcam, but more pressingly, I can't set the bitrate to stream at, so it just fails because it can't send data as quickly as it wants to over my connection. This... shouldn't be such a huge pain! Haha...

I haven't been messing with my YouTube channel as much lately. I might be getting back to it soon, but it depends. Basically, I read up on ways to do things that keeps viewers interested, and it's a lot of busy work. And if you've been following me for a decently long amount of time, you know I tend to get lazy with time-consuming busy-work that doesn't excite me. Basically, adding in annotations at the end of videos, optimizing tags, stuff like that. It's boring!

By the way, July 22nd was my 21st birthday! Yaaaaay! I had to drive myself into town, so I didn't try any alcohal, but instead I made sure to drink a lot of root beer. ;) I got Tomodachi Life and Bravely Default for 3DS, and both are fun. Bravely Default is amazing, and I've been playing it non-stop since yesterday. It even gives you bonuses for keeping the game in sleep mode, so I haven't even gone to the Home Menu, let alone play a different game. I love how badly I can abuse the game system. Even though I'm playing on Normal Mode, out of Easy, Normal and Hard, I'm having a pretty easy time of things so far. I've even gone and increased the encounter rate a few times just so I could grind quickly. Maybe I'm overleveled? It ain't impossible. XD

Tomodachi Life is fun too, but if you like RPGs, Bravely Default is a must. Tomodachi Life is sort of like... Animal Crossing and The Sims mixed. You don't have to play every day like Animal Crossing, you won't grow any weeds and your islanders wont get mad at you for being gone so long or anything. There's pretty much always something for you to do in the game. It's fun making and importing Miis. I like making up random characters.

Hmm, last thing I can think of is that Thursday (yesterday) was my last day od Summer college! I know, I never said anything about college here. Because I never post here. But, never again, Summer school sucked hard. I'm not entirely sure when I'll be getting my final grade report, but I had an A last I was told, and I feel somewhat confident about the final research paper I had to turn in yesterday. I got $14 for re-selling my textbooks, too. Yaaay. I payed nearly $50 for them. -_- Psssh. Whatever!

Well, that's that. Time to get back to Bravely Default!

Getting the word out

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I've come here today to do two things:

1. To fix up the Home page so that it isn't all "debuggy".
2. To announce my new YOUTUBE CHANNEL!!!

Yep, there it is. That's that. I have a new YouTube channel and I'm not afraid to use it. I plan on making many gaming videos about many games, including my own. So far I have three videos with a fourth one uploading as I type this. Three of them are just some plays of mine in osu!, though. Use them to judge my skill! Of course, osu! is still my favorite game, so of course a lot of my videos are osu! plays, but they're also a lot easier to create than the other type of videos, which is the type of the fourth video. The first episode of my Minecraft series! I record myself playing the game and then edit it down to specific scenes and add subtitles to them. It's... supposed to be funny. I hope I succeeded in that. 

So yeah! If you like gaming videos in general, subscribe for sure, yeah!? Might also be a good idea if you want to see my games in action before trying them out for yourself. I just hope that I can get a bit of exposure by uploading them alongside videos of popular games. ;D

Alright. Check out my channel. Thank you~

Hey, look at that!

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I haven't posted in a while, but that's okay. I have many good reasons for once.

1. I finally got my new computer. Mmhmm. I have a good bunch of games already. Find my Steam ID on the About Me page! :D
2. I've been working on one of my new and ambitious stagecast projects recently, and you know what? Everything's working exactly as I imagined it. So I went and made it better. Demo's almost complete, you will be told when I've released it.
3. Work. Uhg. And sleep. Between work and sleep I hardly have any time for entertainment! Of course, I still make time for entertainment. Maybe that's why I feel I never have enough time for sleep...
4. Nobody visits this blog anyway, lol. It's been considered incomplete for a long time now.

Alright, so. First updates first. I got my new computer. I'd post my specs, but I don't remember them very well and I'm not sure how to check them. D: But here's this, at least:

Processor: Intel Core i7. It has four cores and what-not. It was the best CPU I could buy!
OS: Windows 8 (It's really not that bad, I don't feel the need to change it. I don't get much use out of Metro, though. But it's there.)
Memory: 16GB
Storage: 120GB SATA Solid State Drive (It's already full, haha! x,D Next check equals 1TB USB drive! I didn't realize how quickly it would go...)
Graphics Card: This is the one I still know nothing about. I ended up getting the best non-GeForce card I could buy. It's some kind of AMD Radeon HD card I believe. 2GB VRAM... I don't know the exact model or anything, but it's one of the better ones. A buddy of mine said it should be able to play most games on max graphics for the next couple of years. :p Which is fine by me, two years of future-proofing is more than I could ask for. And I can always buy a new one when the time comes, right?

Nextly, Stagecast. I love this freaking program. There are things to hate, sure, but I can do so much with it... Anyway, I've been remaking Stick Adventure 3 with an actual RPG game system. It's so much more incredible and updated than even the demo of SA3.5 that I have out now, I can't even explain it briefly! Let's just say I've done two times the work on it so far compared to that demo, and that was mainly on the battle system (Which isn't even 100% complete yet!). I also have the **NEW** map system working, as well as the **NEW** NPC system. The battle system, by the way, is incredible to say the least. Multiple characters, messing with stats, lots of battle text... And much more. I really can't wait to share it, and I felt that way before I starting working on it actively again. I still can't say when I can release the demo, but hopefully it'll be soon! I still have a number of things to complete, but when I get them done... Oh, my. It'll be like eating a homemade breakfast sandwhich on one of those rare, happy mornings where you actually wake up feeling nice and rested, you don't have to do anything, and the whether is perfect. Haha! Well, hopefully it'll be awesome, anyway. I guaruntee it's the best stagecast game you'll ever play.

Work has been fine really, no big complaints (except that they're always out of bags! Luckily I'm able to make my customers understand and re-focus their anger onto the situation and not on me by letting them know in some way or another that it's really a pain for me, too. xD).

Anyway, this place. So, I think it's really great the way it is right now. I was originally planning on adding a Downloads page at some point, but I realize that isn't really needed. I've already linked to everything cool I know of on the Links page, so just go over there to find some cool stuff! As such, I'm gonna re-edit the home page to be a more legit thing. I can't stand removing the City 17 line, though... Nor the "What a boring header we have here!" thing. xD They've kinda grown on me. But yeah, basically, this place is officially open now, not that it makes any difference. But maybe I'll post here a bit more often now. xD

Well, I think I'm done for tonight. Er, this morning. Dang it. Haha. Just kidding, I'm actually pulling an all-nighter on purpose tonight. I have a two-day weekend coming up you see, so I'm allowed a little leniency in my sleep habits.:p By "two-day weekend", I mean days off from work in a row. I usually get two days off per week, but recently I haven't gotten them both in a row. I'm pretty happy about that.
Okay, bye for now! I'll be back soon with more news from the life of me! Until then, go have fun with something I created for you!